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Our Services

Every project has its own combination of needs, priorities, opportunities and constraints. There are no cookie-cutter solutions and our process reflects this reality. Though we strive for ideal processes and solutions, we work closely with our clients to strike a balance between this idealism and more pragmatic budget and schedule considerations.

Product Definition

Sound user interface design starts at the very beginning, as you create the vision and direction for your product or service and sell that idea to colleagues and prospective customers.

Documentation & Training

Your system isn’t finished until it’s documented. Help systems or online training for users and guidelines for further development assure that your product will be easy to use and that can scale-up gracefully to handle growth and change.

Research and Analysis

Key elements to the success of any product or service include knowing your users, their needs, and the environment in which they work; understanding your market space; and validating usability.

UI Design Management

Repeated success does not happen by chance. It is the result of a carefully mananged process, infused with years of wisdom from lessons learned.

Experience Design

We design compelling, knowledge-rich and intuitive websites, experiences, applications and graphics by applying principles of effective visual communication and user-centered design.

Design Training

A world-class user-experience requires that every level of the enterprise understand the basics of user-centered design. We tailor our training to meet the needs of your specific audience whether UI Professionals, application developers, technical support staff or business and marketing stakeholders. Invest in your staff; you and your users will recongize the return.