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Documentation and Training

Your system isn't complete until it’s documented. Help systems and online/interactive training are indispensable for users as are design guidelines for future developers and designers. These will help to ensure that your system scales in a usable and graceful manner.

User-Interface Guidelines and Specifications

Successful applications are rarely static products. After release, most systems are fine-tuned and updated as user needs or technologies change, often with a shifting set of developers. This process is responsible for many of the inconsistencies within systems that make them harder for users to learn.

Clear, extensible UI Guidelines (a Stlyeguide) provide guidance for new developers which helps to maintain critical conceptual and visual design elements and overall design integrity. Consistency is one of the primary tenets of good user-interface design. Our detailed, comprehensive UI Guidelines give specific direction for information and graphic layout—everything from metaphors (use of images and concepts to convey functionality and meaning) to visual components such as use of color, typography and alignment grids.

Do you need to anticipate future releases in other locales, for multiple languages or cultures? We also produce UI Design Localization Guidelines that will help prepare you for painless localization and prevent any cross-cultural blunders.

Computer-Based Training (CBT)/Web-Based Training (WBT)

Computer-Based and Web-Based Training provide the quickest, easiest, most cost-effective way of training your users. Because the CBT/WBT can be integrated with the your software or application, your users can practice using the system as they learn or vice versa. CBT/WBTs reduce training costs and allow beginners to train themselves while they work.

Our User-Centered Design focus results in usable, clear, compelling training programs. Targeted to audiences of any level, our CBT/WBTs present information in a compelling multimedia format that will have all your users quickly feeling and working like experts.

We also develop "training generators" that, through a configuration interface, allows the creation of unique, customized instances of your training program that contain only the content that is relevant for a particular user or deployment.

Help Systems: Technical Writing and Design

No matter how well you craft your product or service, your users sometimes need help. We know how to communicate information to your target audience, regardless of the level of technical complexity of the material or the customer's proficiency in using software applications and hardware products.
We can help you write and edit end-user guides, training manuals, release notes, troubleshooting documents and online help systems. Take advantage of our expertise in end-user software and hardware documentation and our excellent project and documentation process management.