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User-Interface Design Management

Repeated success does not happen by chance. It is the result of a carefully mananged process, infused with years of wisdom from lessons learned.

Off-Shore UI Development Management

Development efforts often take place offshore, far from your target audience or project stakeholders. Managing user interface components—which rely on a clear understanding of your users’ habits, goals, and preferences—can be particularly challenging in this project environment. To complicate this even further, while foreign companies often demonstrate advanced skills in back-end development work, their experience and expertise with user interface design often lags considerably behind.

Through working with offshore developers, we have created a process for injecting the tenets of user interface design into the development cycle of products or services. We work with project stakeholders and offshore teams to integrate UI requirements and manage this component of development.

Usability Program/Department Development for the Enterprise

We can help your company to establish an internal usability presence, or to further develop existing UI resources. We have worked with newly formed Usability departments and with those who want to advance their services to the next level to help establish and improve service levels and effectiveness.

This process includes establishing or revitalizing user interface design development processes, populating a matrix of necessary documents, templates, and procedures, creating a glossary of terminology to promote common understanding, and providing training in carrying out various elements of the user centered design process.

Research and Design Project Management, Cost Estimation and RFP Development

Whether you’re an agency, a firm with your own UI production staff, or a company looking for assistance with planning and execcuting a user-centered project, we can help. Our highly experienced staff will guide you in developing project plans, assigning tasks and managing the life cycle of the project.