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Product Definition

Sound user interface design starts at the very beginning as you create the vision and direction for your product or service and sell that idea to colleagues, prospective investors and customers.

Collaborative Vision Creation

The first step toward any successful product or service is the creation of a clear, cohesive vision. Advancing Ideas helps you formulate this vision. Working collaboratively with stakeholders and, if appropriate, users, we will help clarify business needs and goals, strategies, and, ultimately, an interface that fulfills stakeholder and user requirements.

Initial vision documents can be used to sell projects to upper management, to explain requirements to developers or business partners, to explore marketing, or simply to clarify a project so it's ready to move into the early steps of the development process.

Concept Catalogs

Using the principles of user-centered design, we help you understand users’ goals and behaviors and then create a concept catalog, providing product and service directions and high level designs that satisfy users’ needs and expectations.

Our method for generating a concept catalog starts with analysis of business opportunities. We then work collaboratively with stakeholders to brainstorm and discuss possible product or service concepts and high level design directions. Through iterative rounds of refinement, these concepts and designs coalesce in a catalog that inspires and drives the next phases of development.

Sales Demonstrations

To sell your product or service to prospective customers, your sales force needs convincing, succinct presentations and clear, artful demonstrations of your product or service. Advancing Ideas works with Sales and Product teams to design targeted sales presentations that clearly illustrate the value of your product or service to your potential customers. Product demonstrations can illustrate the appearance and behavior of key features and functionality making their value apparent without the cost of development. The demonstrations serve as a cost-effective proof of concept for upper management or business partners, prospective vendors, investors and even in-house or off-shore development teams.