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Interaction and Experience Design

We design compelling, knowledge-rich and intuitive websites, experiences, applications and graphics by applying principles of effective visual communication and user-centered design.



Schematic Design Examples

Scheamtic Design Example


Scheamtic Design Example

Identity & Branding Example

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Information Architecture Diagram
Scheamtic Design Example


User-Interface/Web Design and Development

The key to developing a useful website or web application is the successful translation of user needs into a clear, easy to use, attractive interface.

Through an exhaustive process of requirements gathering, observation, analysis, and user interviews, Advancing Ideas creates key personas and usage scenarios to guide interface development. We then use these as a basis to further specify requirements and design the Information Architecture (IA), the foundation of your site or application. Working with stakeholders and users, we refine this blueprint through multiple iterations, adding detailed interaction and navigation components until the foundation is solid. Finally we validate our findings through a series of user sessions/tests using both low- and hi-fidelity prototypes and storyboards.

Award-winning visual design—including icon and logo creation—utilizing consistent, clear visual metaphors ultimately assures useful and usable results.


Branding provides your clients with their first impression of who you are and what you stand for. Visual cues act as subtle indicators of characteristic traits and values; strong taglines and messaging convey further information about your business priorities and goals. A good brand immediately influences the opinions and emotional reaction of viewers and continues to reinforce that initial impression over time.

We help you identify and clarify your company ideals and image and determine what message you most want to send to your audience. We then create a visual identity and a series of communication tools that will make your brand memorable and appealing to your target client base.

Icons and Logos

Icon design is an art unto itself. A key element in most web-based interfaces, icons must be visually distinctive and original (often at very small sizes) and must be usable across various media. The meaning of the icon must also be clear to your users. We create icons that are visually appealing and that convey meaning to users at first glance. We pay particular attention to coherent icon suites, which utilize many unifying features while still conveying varying meanings.

Logos can be developed as part of an overall branding strategy or by themselves. Your logo represents your brand and should appropriately convey the essence of your identity at a glance. Logos must work at any size across any number of media. When appropriate, we combine symbolic meaning with meaningful text to provide you with a logotype that clearly identifies your organization and instantly conveys key aspects of your marketing message.

Information Design

Attractive design that clarifies ideas is important across every aspect of your business for both internal and external asudiences. The imagery you use to convey complex ideas or relative data to users requires the codification of dynamically changing, complicated information spaces. This requires the design of abstract yet clear visual metaphors that easily translate the data into visual wisdom for your users.